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About Us


Photography is more than props, and canvases, flashes, and clicks. Photography is a passion that is found. Expecting to be born with an innate love for something leads to becoming comfortable, at Piczzl, we strive for more than just photography, we capture you, during the moment, and the results are breathtaking.


Who is Piczzl?


Our studio consists of only two people me, Cliff Baise, and my lovely wife, Cher. We have worked with hundreds of clients, from birthday parties, corporate sessions, all the way to photographing Hollywood celebrities. Each one of our clients is given the utmost importance when they come to our studio, or when we come to you. From graduation pictures to festivals, to your baby’s first pictures, we offer our services to anyone wanting to capture the moment.


Do You Offer Beauty Services?


One of the great services we are able to offer is full hair and make-up, done by Cher. With over 20 years of professional experience, she is able to help you enhance your looks, and give you the confidence you may need to have your photo taken. Posing comes with such a harsh stigma; we want to help you feel natural, comfortable, and relaxed.


Who Is My Photographer?


My name is Cliff, and I am your photographer. I have been told time and time again that even when I am not holding my camera, I still maintain a photographer’s point of view. I pride myself on catching the small moments, that half grin, that spark that ignites in our eyes when we talk about something we are passionate about. There are no specific poses we make you fit into, we suggest what flatters you most, and will give you the results you want. There is no photo I cannot find, no angle I will not try, I want to do everything I can to make sure you have an excellent photo spread.

I don’t just focus on people; I love to go out and take nature snapshots whenever I can. I love natural light, and how it creates a variety of colors, needless to say, I know my camera well, and it is reflected in the care and person of the results.


How Does This Come Together?


Truly, the magic happens when the photo shoot begins. Many people are jittery at the start, but once you relax and you begin to enjoy yourself, that is when the best photos will be taken. No matter if you come to our home where we are able to provide you with a stunning studio, or we come to your location, where we bring refreshments, we make the most out our time with you. Cher will do your hair and makeup, and then she will send you over to me, where we will have an enjoyable photo shoot. Afterward, both Cher and I will go back to our home studio and bring them to life with professional editing.


What Is Your Background?


Both Cher and I have a strong background in graphic design, meaning we understand lighting on a much more in-depth scale than most. While most will explain lighting using shapes, lines, and shadows, we see how those truly interact with you, the subject. In all of our photos, we are able to manipulate these various elements to give you stunning quality photos.

As someone who had studied and worked with Photoshop for many years, I never thought I was going to enjoy photography. Once it became digital, then it became something I could work with. My wife and I combined talents, and now, our studio is open to everyone.




Mobile Services


As a husband and wife duo, we love our job, and sometimes that requires traveling. We understand that not all photos can be taken in the comfort of our studio, so we can come to you. We bring Piczzl on the road with the help of our spacious RV.


Professional Setup


It is important that when traveling to locations, natural lighting, weather, and how accessible the area is kept in mind. The weather and location is not something we can control, so we bring the only element can, our equipment. All of our professional lighting, backdrops if needed, and props will be brought along to your photo shoot. Editing is done when we return to our studio.


Outfit Changes


If we are meeting in a park or outdoor location, our RV also serves as your own personal changing room for outfit changes. If you are getting hair and makeup services, this is also where it will take place, to ensure everything is fresh and ready for your photo shoot.


How Do You Accommodate for Natural Areas?


Producing clean, beautiful photos always start with great lighting. When we visit locations with abundant lighting, like parks, pools, beaches, and so on, we may not need our extra lights. The need for them various on the location.  Being a nature photographer in my spare time has taught me more than anyone can learn in a book.


We have done many events ranging from:

  • Festivals

  • Birthday parties

  • Family gatherings

  • Corporate events


In our practice, we create a comfortable, Zen-like atmosphere. We are confident and knowledgeable about our equipment, meaning that the shots are always clean and crisp, and all you have to do is show up and be yourself! We will do the rest.


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Arlington, Texas

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